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As others have pointed out it, the 'attack' will most likely come from someone very familiar with the girl/woman. I have worked closely with the Indian market for many years, and there are 2 common stories which I hear: 1. Molestation as a young teenager from a cousin - and in sharing this story it appears to be an undesireable, but accepted norm of society. If this is so commonly understood, why is someone, actually, many people, not looking out more to prevent the uncomfortable situation? 2. Groping taking place in crowded places, such as transport. And again, appears to be an undesireable but accpeted norm. Again, if so commonly understood, and certainly in environments of many people, why are they not watching out and actin

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We are more aware/immediately associate the issue with adults, but the threat to safety takes place very very early and when young girls don't really understand - as it is someone they are most likely close to - nor have a voice which they feel confident using.  As a result this probably perpetuates the issue of 'not desireable, but accepted norm of society'.  Perphaps a key issue here is that 'molestation' is not seen as an attack???


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