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Transportation security Impacts safety

Transportation in these low income urban areas are not the safest. My experience with transportation in a low-income urban area was a bit scary. Transportation is not secure and if you end up in the wrong car something bad can end up happening. As I traveled the city with friends and other times alone, I felt violated. It seemed like everywhere I went I was being watched. I had to be careful where I had my wallet because it may be gone in a matter of seconds. I observed people getting mugged and assaulted for the simplest things such as their shoes. There has to be a way to prevent these like this to occur again.

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In the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo a plan to construct a metro system was created. On January 30, 2009 the most extensive metro system in the Caribbean and Central America was open to the public. The first line was designed to reduce traffic congestion one of Santo Domingo's busiest streets, Maximo Gomez. More than 30 million passenger rode the Metro in 2012 and a second line is scheduled to open in April of 2014. These investements have helped the transportation safety in this city. At every one of these station there is a security guard in charge of making sure that everything and everyone is safe. Having these security guards at each station helps people feel they are safe. This project is costly but in the end it is insuring that every one of their citizens who are riding these trains feel safe at all times.


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The relation of personal experience and life for this story is great. I believe that one of the easiest, not necessarily least expensive, solution would be to correct transportation issues. One of the largest mass transit systems in a large city are the subways of New York. Having rode these into the city and throughout New York numerous times I will be the first to admit that they are far from the safest modes of transportation, but cleaning them up would be a great start to making them safer. Rather than spend tax payer money on tracking down criminals and paying for their incarceration, let the tax payer money go toward making all communities safer.

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I would have to agree with you Mitch. I too have experienced the subways in New York and safety was never a part of that experience, but the difference between the transportation in NY versus in the Dominican Republic is that every station in the DR is covered with security. There are also curfews as to when you can no longer rides these trains thus encouraging passenger to take a safer form of transportation during really late nights such as a taxi for example.

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