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Track me if you can

The title of this post is flippant but the content is serious. In talking to a teenage upper class girl in New Delhi, India I found that she found Uber was awesome for her and her parents. Uber is not relevant for lower income transport needs but the concept of permission tracking and a low cost way to do it could significantly enhance confidence in women and deter abusers

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Different levels of alerts elimination of false positives and false negatives. lots of interesting design challenges 


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Interesting stuff, Sanjay. One of things I like about Uber, when using it in the States, is that you can rate drivers and see their ratings... a kind of user-driven meritocracy. I wonder what this might look like in a more analogue form for rickshaws, buses and trains? Would it have the power to help these services lift their game?

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I am sure that can be done Meena and making public and making all forms of transport safer for women could be a design goal . For lower income women I do not think they travel that much. They tend to walk to work so maybe the focus should not be so much on making transport safer for the problem at hand. The focus could be preventing domestic violence and incest