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The truth is ...

When people are inviting me to go somewhere to see them. I always have to know, what time it ends. Because I hate to travel alone in the dark. Sometimes I am lucky to travel with somebody. If not, I just would not go (if it's not necessary). What I do, when I travel alone? I look down at the ground, trying to not draw attention to myself and when I feel scared I call somebody. The truth is evertime I get home, I realized that I feel scared, but there was no reason to be scared of someone. Then I feel stupid for the times I cancelled something. But when I see the news, I always think, I will not be the next woman that happens to. It's because of this, that controls my everday life.

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As a single woman, that lives alone. I am very protected of myself. I choose not go somewhere, when it does not feel save to go. But I really wanted to go. 

Sometimes when I walk alone near the station, a car is slowing down, that my heartbeat is going up, all the way up. Even though there are people walking by. I still feel very scared (because I think people would not help me, if something would happened). Just to find out that the driver was looking for somebody to pick up.

So my questions are, when should I be scared and when not? Is there a time, quantity of people, a place when a woman could walk alone, without being scared?

(I am new with OpenIDEO, I don't know of if this is good.)
(Sorry, my English is not my mother language)


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I can definitely relate to what you are expressing. There is an app called WatchOverMe that you maybe interested in checking it out!:

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