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The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons

Do you remember calling your son out when you discovered he was using the word "slut" liberally? Or when you overheard him talking about some girl from school as if she were more of a conquest than a person? - Carina Kolodny wants us to consider these conversations and then ask ourselves why we don't remember them.

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Carina Kolodny's article analyzes how parents raise their sons and daughters with different words - commonly lecturing girls to be careful with what they wear and how they act, while not correcting their sons' misbehavior towards girls. 

How might encouraging parents to raise 'better' sons make it safer and more empowering for women and girls?


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Hi Cansu,

This is a very interesting point you bring up as I feel that parents are the main reason why children become who they are later in life. Did you have any ideas on how to deliver this message (raising their children in a certain way) to parents? A lot of times people can be stubborn in their own ways and may be afraid to try something new. Being able to communicate this message effectively would go along way in making sure that children of today are raised properly.


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I can answer your question in a different way: My knowledge about raising children starts with building the love and attachment during the infant months - by practicing skin-to-skin and baby carrying:) I believe there are many 'wrong' practices out there, so it is possibly normal that parents are scared. However, listening to the child's needs is probably the best resource. “A baby's cry is precisely as serious as it sounds.” ― Jean Liedloff, The Continuum Concept.

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