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Tech Driven Society Means Tech Driven Safety

Working for a cellular retailer I have daily encounters with people who had a close call with crime. While both men and women have shared their encounters with me, the majority of victims are women in urban areas.

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Today's world is technology driven.  Why should our safety not be technology driven as well?  Home security systems typically will send some sort of respondant to a home where an alarm goes off, why not impliment the same thing for women and girls, or anyone for that matter while out and about in urban areas.  

I would suggest a partnership with an alarm or home protection company to have an application accessible from a mobile device where people can check in and alert others through the application where they are going, when they leave and when they got there.  Let's say the "I got here" alert does not come in.  A reminder text or push notification is sent to the phone to check back in.  If there is still no response the alarm company's patrol car is sent out.

Feesability and potential monthly pricing would have to be worked out, but for now, it's just about the idea.  The user has a sense of protection.  People will know their plans so should anything happen, there can be a quicker sense of help.

There are multiple cell phone apps used for safety, but none to this extent.  The primary safety apps which currently exist are designed moreso for children and phone tracking as outlined by this attached article; 'Top 5 Mobile Apps To Keep Your Kids Safe':


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I agree that feasibility is something that will need to be worked out, because, like Shelby mentioned, not everyone has smartphones. At work, we recently had a promotion that involved getting a link sent to your phone that you had to then click on to access, and we ran into a lot of problems with people who would text the number, receive the link, but not be able to access the page. I think we just assume everyone has smartphones because we all do.

Another thing is what happens if the person forgets to send the "I'm here" text? Would there be a safeguard for memory slips? Or, say, if the phone died, was out of service, etc. etc.

Just some things to think about, but a really interesting idea!

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Hannah, I do agree that there would be some practicality issues. I think the biggest issue would run into is forgetting to check in. The safeguard I would propose would be a text or reminder to check in that is generated by the app to alert the user at a certain time based on the time the user says they are leaving or on their way...

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