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Talk to Me: getting strangers to talk to women on a personal level

This was a really interesting initiative by design students in Bangalore in partnership with the Blank Noise Project, an organisation that aims to raise awareness of violence against women in India. What they did was get strangers to talk to volunteers across tables, face-to-face, in a street which was notorious for being unsafe for women. It bridged divides of class, race, gender and brought the focus to the issue at hand. There are different motivations for men attacking women and this sought to eliminate those misunderstandings.

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It inspires me because people who theoretically might be the kind of people who attack women for various reasons are forced to confront their feelings and their often misplaced ideas. I think this is important - most solutions focus on women empowering or equipping themselves to deal with the problem, not enough with dealing with the root of the problem - the sociological construct of the people who commit atrocities. 

Read more about the Talk to Me project in Atlantic Cities here.


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Hey Anjali! I really love this Talk to Me project, and was wondering whether you might want to bring something like this forward into the Ideas phase. There is already a post about Blank Noise:, but I think this Talk to Me project would be a great addition. And a bonus if you happen to know anyone from Blank Noise that you could invite to participate too! :)

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Hi Jamie! I've been added to the Soldiers for Sisters Idea with Sandiip and hope to add more value there. I do know someone from Blank Noise and she said she's been contacted by Shauna from Open Ideo about participating already! :)

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