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Storytelling as a means of inspiration

Short films, documentaries and other means of storytelling are very powerful means of narration and inspiration. It can ignite strong emotions and if the spark gets adequate fuel we know how fast it can turn into a movement. One such attempt was made last year when Anurag Kashyap, a leading director in bollywood came up with a short film on the subject of eve teasing.

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We think of documentaries or short films as some low budget, not well executed and there is a belief, which people actually believe that they do not emphasize on good topics and have no screenplay. Well, let me tell you, rather assure you, that this documentary lives up to the expectation giving people hope for our bright future.

For starters, i wouldn't call this a documentary, but a revolution among people, more on the part of women, which will determine the quality of coming ages.

First of all, the plot of the documentary is quite similar of what has happened increasingly in the country( going on) for the past year. Torture, Harassment and Abuse!!

Society tends to "pull your legs" when you're trying to do something good and the exact thought is shown in the opening scene. A girl completes her work in the kitchen and heads off to work. She and her friends are walking on the streets and some guys try to abuse her, somehow she escapes. She then meet her friends the next day and they tell her that one man was touching or pushing her, she waited and for the third time she swung her arm towards "there". That night they encounter the same problem and those three women fight about five to six guys.

We learn many things from this documentary:

a) The thing we fear, is the fear itself.

b) We should change our beliefs about women, we should make that " environment" where our sisters can walk freely, not only women, but we are the only key to our security.

c) The great thing about this one is that it doesn't try to tell you the solution or promise anything.

There are many more things but, this is something that we as individuals should determine what we want from it the most.

The direction by Anurag Kashyap is awesome, no doubt he is one of the good directors of Bollywood. The screenplay through dialogues doesn't cover the whole story but it is acting which makes way straight to your heart. The cinematography is good, considering it is a documentary.

The final Word: Through this documentary Anurag Kashyap shows the brighter side of the consequences of the actions taken by the women in the society and to what effect. This should not be seen as a documentary but an educational footage for both men and women. It goes hand in hand with the reality. And I'd highly recommend this to those who seek to change in their lives and in the society. The way things dramatically move, I'd go with 4.5/5


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I think Bollywood has a huge opportunity (and responsibility) to change attitudes towards women . Hollywood has long used movies to put across political messages and shift attitudes at a macro level - nationalism, anti-slavery, HIV, domestic abuse. Shouldn't Bollywood as a community start holding itself (and have the public hold it) accountable for shifting the power dynamics between male and female leads in movies? Perhaps some sort of spin on the Bechdel scoring test used by Western media, to raise awareness.

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Hi Audree, thanks for pointing it out! In Fact as we discuss, this is already happening, You may want to read more about the recent movies like Queen, Highway, Kahaani and many more. Please check this as well.

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This is a really great article, thanks Ankit.

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