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Spread happiness

"You cannot, in the same moment of thought, wish to do something good to someone or to harm that person. Those are mutually incompatible like hot and cold water." says Matthieu Riccard, a French-born, Tibetan Buddhist monk and a central figure in the Dalai Lama's dialogue with scientists. He was dubbed "The Happiest Man in the World" after his brain was imaged.

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If you are happy, you are free from the grips of hatred, sadness, despair, etc. So if we can find ways to create the conditions for and cultivate happiness — be it through green spaces, community centres, music, mind training, etc — might we grow more compassionate. altruistic, and empathetic? I am defining happiness here as a way of being that is not vulnerable to the change of circumstances (versus pleasure, e.g. chocolate).

The thinking is that the more we bring happiness into people's minds, the less room there is for hatred.


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