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Solar Powered Street Lighting

Solar powered street lighting could help in areas where the infrastructure (or the will) doesn't exist to create adequate lighting at night.

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 I've noticed that it is used in Australia to light real estate signs so the technology already exists. (e.g
They are around $300 (australian) dollars each and could possibly be installed locally.


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This is a great idea that also has the potential to empower women--especially if the production/manufacture of the solar lights could happen at the community level and create jobs in the very cities where they would be installed. I'm not a techie, so I have no idea about the complexity of their manufacture, so it might be pie-in-the-sky to even ask this: Could the design of the solar lights could be simplified enough to be assembled in cottage industries? Women could assemble them in their homes or locally in their own neighborhoods. They could also do simple installations and earn extra free light kits for their neighborhoods.

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I'm afraid the technical side isn't my forte either. But I'm looking forward to some techie help if someone is out there!!

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Please see as well - he has built quite well on the idea

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We really need this kind of technology leap. Soon. Everywhere.

IDP camps in Somalia are just a start. Take a look at the impact of this solar lighting project.

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Thought you and others here might like to check out a lighting project from India: Makes me wonder whether there's opportunities for both economic development + safety enhancement together? Plenty to think about as we head towards our upcoming Ideas phase :^)

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