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Siamo sicure!

‘Siamo sicure’ is a free application designed by Kulta, a Genoese start-up, that wants to help woman to be safe. Just a touch on the screen to activate the alarm, to start the call and send a text message. Official web site:

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The purpose is to turn your smartphone, that is now  almost in all bags, in a real  tool for personal safety.
"When we talk about such a sensitive issue you have to go with ‘feet of lead’ - explains Michela Paparella, Leiweb president and Kulta co-founder - Our app is a tool that helps women especially to have a conscious attitude which, in our opinion, is the best way to avoid situations of potential danger."
The conscious attitude mentioned by Michela Paparella is the result of a set of guidelines where experts and psychologists have worked on.       For example, it is good practice to always have a clear idea of the environment where we are: the street model where we are walking, the people that we find, public transports location, the presence of public places nearby .
"All this is not to increase paranoia but, in fact, to raise awareness. The aim is to develop the habit to pay lot of attention, just like when you cross the street or you  withdrawn money from an ATM point."
Besides all this ,’Siamo sicure’  provides tools to avoid potential attackers and , in several cases , trigger the alarm.

The app is well designed and very intuitive : just two taps on the phone screen to activate the three safety devices , each one characterized  by a color.   If you click on the red button , the phone starts to ring and , at the same time , the display turns into a torch , very useful when there are no lights.
The blue button triggers a distress call (the default is 112 , which is valid across Europe , but you may also choose an alternative ) . The advantage of this  is that you are able to call without having to access the phone book and look up the number . You just have to touch the screen and the phone automatically starts .
And finally, with the orange button you can send an help-message, even to multiple receivers. The positive aspect of this service is that the message can contain the location from which it was sent.                                                                                                                             "These tools are effective - concludes Paparella – depending by how fast you use them . For this reason it would be a good habit to keep the app always open. This will make the screen touch very quick as well as the activation of the alarm , to start the distress call or the sms geo-located".

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