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Sending A New Message Via Popular Culture Media

Whether we like it or not, pop culture ingrains attitudes and perceptions in the masses more often subconsciously than consciously. I'm sure most of you have seen the Robin Thicke video of blurred lines and cringed at it. This version will make you laugh and say 'That's right girl!" Producing content which sends a clear message about how women are an equal and productive part of modern society could make a huge difference in terms of behaviors which the younger generations (and the old too) adopt and apply in their everyday interactions.

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This video inspired me to reinterpret things I see in the media from a more socially inclusive perspective. Many subconscious attitudes my generation adopts, mean we treat ourselves as women degradingly without even knowing it. By being aware of this and having the ability to imagine or create the opposite attitudes and adopt the relative behaviours we can empower ourselves to participate in society and stand up to male generated ideals.

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Deborah, the reactions to Robin Thicke's video were varied for sure; a reason THIS video was one of my favorite responses was that it inspired even more discussion. Thanks for the share!