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Safety nets

Who do you turn to if the worst happens? Friends, family, the authorities? ...and how do you replace/substitute your safety net when friends, family and/or authorities are absent?

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I'm thinking that we may be able to learn from people across the world who find themselves alone in a strange city.

How do they cope, how do they create a safety net for themselves?


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Consider the successes achieved with locally-administered neighborhood watch programs here in the US. Participants are civic-minded folks from the community, who have a vested interest in the overall quality of life their community provides. As the outrage in India over recent events shows, there are people, motivated by events, that could be be mobilized to create safe zones, patrols, etc. that are targeted at providing safety to women. Couple that with the crowd-sourced survey of safety "red zones" as a means to ID particular target areas for such programs. The core idea here is to empower the local community to take the steps that are culturally appropriate for it. This creates the foundation for the safety net Mark describes

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