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Safety in Numbers

My coworker recently told me about her story. We live in NYC, and she was on her way to a friend's apartment in Brooklyn one night. As she was leaving the train station, she noticed that a man was following her. Fear settled in but she continued to walk down the platform towards the exit, and luckily there was a worker in the station booth who instinctually knew that something was wrong. Understanding the look of fear on my coworker's face, she told the man that she was going to call the police, which was enough to scare him off. The point of my story is that traveling alone particularly at night, can be a scary thing. Why not have a program that partners women together, almost like a buddy system, to eliminate the chances of being alone.

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The buddy system program can be a simple community of women. The ideal situation would be to pair women who live in the same vicinity to further lessen their chances of being found in situations where they are alone. With a partner to travel home with after work, school, etc., women will feel more confident even in areas that are deemed less than safe. From a funding standpoint, the costs for a program like this could be kept relatively low. The program wouldn't necessarily need a physical location. The use of an app, website, or simply a phone call would be sufficient to pair women up with one another. 


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Kimberley, this thought is really promising, after living in a 3rd world metropolis for a few years, I see potential in the community aspect o f the idea, as low-income societies are the most communal.

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Thanks for your feedback, Susan!

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