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Safe Public Urban Spaces

What contributes to making a public urban space safe?

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    Visual Cues of safety, community involvement and ownership.
Emergency call boxes.  (Signage indicating location would be useful.)
Good lighting
Signs announcing volunteer participation in garden work/cleanup for ex.
Signs reminding one to clean up after their dogs with free bags provided.
Park workers visible.
      Great Design.
Multiple entry points that are visible.
Circulation that crosses the area in multiple directions.
Areas that are shaded.
Areas to sit where one is still visible and can feel safe because they can see around them.
Areas designed with different programs in mind.  
Areas that are flexible and can be used for a variety of programming.

Programming that is diverse bringing in different groups of people at different times who utilize the space in multiple ways - activating and energizing the space.
Sometimes this programming is planned and sometimes it grows spontaneously in response to the environment.


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Great reflections, Bettina. We thought you and others here might also want to check out these posts on space as you thick about this important aspect for our soon-to-open Ideas phase:

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Yes this is helpful and a great idea to put the posts together like this for others to find.
Thanks Meena.
(Is it possible to post an image into one's comment or must it be a link? Sometimes an image helps explain, or adds to, one's comment. Just thinking about dialogue with the openIdeors who posted the ideas above.)