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Safe Space

Safe Space attempts to reclaim locations where incidents of assault have occurred and raise awareness of past history. Through public installation of patterns, we hoped to raise awareness of this past. The project attempted to engage interaction with pedestrians in unsafe areas at Central Park, New York. The pattern designs and the interface seemed to be successful since we were able to go beyond people's attention and obtain their participation.

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Problem/ Missing factors in approaching the sensitive topic:

- Lack of action 
- Approach is not appropriate 
- Miscommunication
- Lack of strong impact & lack of participation
- Unreliability of statistics
- Cultural boundaries & traditional beliefs 
- Barriers for action
- Misconception & Ignorance
- Drinking problem

Multidimensional Approach:

- Anonymity when seeking assistance with sensitive situation
- Online website and app
- Effective information design
- Advertising campaign
- Education 
- Design disruption


- Broken window glasses
- Victim blaming
- Bystander Effect
- Diffusion of responsibility
- Ripple Effect



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