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Run for Safety and Empowerment

To empower women, we need to create an environment where they are physically and mentally safe. We should have running/walking clubs to patrol the city. The runners would include women and men aware of the issue. The more runners you have the more lighter areas you would find in the city. I went running in Central Part NY at 4 am in the morning. There were so many runners out there, I felt very safe. I am including photos of Palo Alto. I love how they light up there streets. This was another 4 am run that I did.

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I have attached examples of streets that are well lit.I know Palo Alto may not be considered "Low Income", but this can be easily done in any city. I often like to run early in the morning (before dawn). If we create running/walking clubs that patrol the city, it may empower women while enable them to be fit to "outrun" threats.

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I think your idea brings up a good point, that there is safety in numbers!

Although the concept of a "jogging club" is targeted to a specific group, it is still applicable in a broader sense. Not all women in low-income areas may be involved in this particular activity, however the "group" or "club" formation can undoubtedly be carried out by anyone.

A prime example where this can be applied would be for women who walk/commute regularly in unsafe areas or at hours where less people are around. How great would it be to find a way to "connect" women with similar commutes and form these type of "safety groups".