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Relationship Violence and Psychological Distress

Low income urban women violent statistics and analysis.

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The article I found is “Relationship Violence and Psychological Distress Among Low-Income Urban Women.” This article discusses the connection between low income and relationship abuse both physical and psychological. It also compares those statistics to that of the overall average.
In the US 22% of women will be affected by relationship violence in their lifetime and 1.3% of all women are affected annually. Comparatively women with low income, particularly those on welfare, report 35%-65% are abused in their lifetime and between 8% and 33% are affected annually. According to this study in women under 18, 22% reported physical assault and 24% reported sexual coercion.
 This study suggests that this violence can be linked to violence in adolescent life which leads to violent adults. Much of this violence is rooted in the environmental triggers of low income urban areas. The pressures of these environments include financial stress, poor living conditions, dangerous neighborhoods, and more. All of this contributes to the high amount of violence associated with women in low income urban areas.

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