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Redefining "manhood" and educating young boys

"We have got to show our sons a new definition of manhood...we have to model for them how a real men is someone who trusts his sisters and respects the and wants to be on their team and stands up agains the bad guys who are the men who wants to abuse the women..."

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"When Colin Stokes’ 3-year-old son caught a glimpse of Star Wars, he was instantly obsessed. But what messages did he absorb from the sci-fi classic? Stokes asks for more movies that send positive messages to boys: that cooperation is heroic, and respecting women is as manly as defeating the villain."(Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.)


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Thanks Ayelet. Great post.

You might like this one:

Rafael also highlighted the role of soap operas on influencing beliefs and behaviors

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Very cool!

There's a good piece on the Girl Effect which covers how several organizations are tackling this issue from the perspective of changing men's perception of masculinity:

Personally, I've encountered a lot of stories of where recently empowered women faced a backlash - sometimes violent - because of this view of gender power as zero-sum game: a stronger woman in a relationship means a weaker man. I think Colin's hope for a team-view of gender relations is fascinating... does it matter who's weaker or stronger if you're on the same team?

One great organization in Kenya that I've worked with, Carolina for Kibera, explicitly uses team situations to tackle issues of ethnic and gender violence, using soccer as a means to get different groups to work together and to cultivate new archetypes for interaction.