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Real LOVE Doesn't Hurt!

Today I want to tell you a story about an abusive relationship that happened to one of my best friends, Ali. We were always inseparable since we were 10 years old, but when she failed a school year and I moved to high school, I guess we lost touch because we didn't get see each other like we used to. Ali also got a new older boyfriend, so she was always with him when I ask her to hang out. It came to a point when she didn't even answer her phone or it was switched off. I started to find it really weird though I understand that they were in love and wanted to spend all the time they had together.

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I thought: at least she could pick up the phone and say that everything is ok! So one day after lots of missing calls, I decided to go to her house and ask for some explanations. When Ali opened the door I quickly realized she was embarrassed, and I asked her what's going on. Than she hold me and started to cry, told me that she needed to tell me something. She was going through a living hell with her psycho, jealous and control freak boyfriend and they just had a huge fight a few days ago. She complained about his aggressive behavior, telling me how he hit her and broke her cell phone and card. In panic, I asked her why did that happen and what she was going to do about it. Still in tears, she confessed they had spoken a couple of times since the fight and he was regretted, promising it would never happen again. Incredulous, I advised her not to forgive him and to tell her parents because no-one deserves to be treated like this. After spending the whole afternoon trying to convence her never to talk to him again, I realized that wasn’t going to happen. In fact, the opposite happened - she got back with him. For the next few months, I tried giving her as much attention as I could. Although she had told me this time was different, I knew it wouldn’t last long. After four months together, Ali found out he was cheating on her and she just couldn't take anymore. Ali told to her parents, who were very supportive, and finally put an end to this heartbreaking story. This story really got me… I wonder how can we get so blind in order to let people treat us like that? Worse, how can this situations happen around us and most of the times we never find out? Six years have passed, and I can't say that she's already found true love but at least she never let anyone treat her badly again. Today she is a very strong and independent woman who I couldn’t be more proud of.


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Not sure if you've seen this, but it might have some answers for you:

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I know of a great place where your friend can get help too! :( Check out

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Thank you! I feel that if she knew back then where she could get help , she might had asked for it.

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