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Reaching out for women

Women these days in India are facing a lot of abuse just like others across the globe. In order to curb this situation firstly women are to be educated as to how they can defend themselves in such situations and whom to approach.

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I've interviewed few people in order to understand the situation better. The below are my findings.

Firstly I've spoken to a girl from a small village in Andhra Pradesh. She is around 18 years old with basic education. She has recently come to Hyderabad to work at an old age home. This is the first time that she's come to the city all alone to earn a living, leaving behind her family and friends with no acquaintance. I felt she was very brave in taking such a step. 

What I learnt after speaking to her was that though she is from the village she is well aware of things such as abuses faced by women. She told me an incident which she faced as soon as she came to the city. After she got down from the train she took a bus up to a certain point where she was to be picked up by someone from the old age home. As she was new, she wasn't well aware of the places in the city. She asked the conductor on the bus to let her know when her destination arrived. A man listening to her conversation offered to help her. She suspected that his intention was not good and asked him to mind his own business. So, when women are bold enough to answer back then no one can harm them. It is this awareness and boldness which is required in women to protect themselves.

I've gone to a slum in the city of Hyderabad and spoke to few married women. After talking to them I learnt that they weren't as aware as the girl from the village though they have been living in the city from a long time. This stark difference startled me. These women work as domestic help. They leave their homes in the early hours. There have been incidents where these women have been groped by men on the roads. I asked them how they tackeled such situations and learnt that they just ran from that place scared. They never approached the police as they were scard of being interrogated. Such things shouldn't be ignored.

Women need to be educated. Awareness should be created among them. There are many NGOs which are working for the betterment of women in villages. Similarly the same ought to be done in the cities also as the population is dense in the cities there is every possibility of such incidents taking place at a higher rate. 

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