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Pharrell William's G I R L Album - Empowering Women

Besides from being a physical issue to enable safety for women and empowering them. I think it is just as important to focus on how the society and different cultures, perceive and value women and empower them. I think using the media to help curb the societies and different cultures who don't perceive women in a equal and valuable way is one solution to the challenge. Here Pharrell Williams, a well known musician, talks about the release of his new album G I R L, which was released as a thank you to the women in his life and addresses issues of gender inequality in today's society.

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Link of interview:

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Transcript of Interview from 00:50 to 4:42
Maz: Pharrell, I wanna say thanks for making this album, um because it’s for the chicks and I think it’s really cool that you did that. So thanks.
Pharrell: Well it’s about them, but I would say it’s for like everyone. It’s a love story; it’s like a little love letter, whatever. But like you know women have just been so good to me over like the past twenty-two years of my career, they essentially paid for everything that I have, I mean they’re my bosses so...
Maz: Yeah, I love that.
Pharrell: Well tell me, tell me where I’m wrong?
Maz: Well how many women bosses do you have in your world? Or is it just the one these days?
Pharrell: Um… I don’t have anyone in my particular world. In fact like the company that I have is mostly women, and like they all work for me, but like I work with them, because they are amazing. And it’s just been awesome, the company that we have iamOTHER. It really is.
Dan: What is it do you find is the best thing working with women? Because I get to work with Maz everyday and you know she’s fantastic to work with.
Maz: Thanks babe, that’s really nice.
Dan: Um… Always bringing in exciting new outfits that I can you know find heaps of comedy in. You know, all sorts of great stuff.
Pharrell: Look I am not perfect, you know, I am not without flaw, but I think like my view of them is just, is something to be shared at least in my body of my work because it’s my album and I do whatever I want to do.
Maz: Damn straight.
Pharrell: But like if you think about it man, women you know, women in society, you know and I’ve sort of been saying this, I don’t want you to feel like it’s generic, it’s just something that is important and is integral to the record. But women in society are like largely discounted, you know; think about it like on a very basic level.
Like they have a cross to bear like every month that we know nothing about, but meanwhile they come into work and kick ass and they do it argumentatively better, you know arguably better then what we could do.
You think about something as basic as like, the fact they don’t get paid as much as men do, that’s an injustice.
Or you think about the fact that like we have a rover on Mars, like we, like let’s think about this, Mars planet Mars, okay?
Dan & Maz: Yep.
Pharrell: There is a rover on going up and down the hillsides looking for water.
Maz: This is true.
Pharrell: Humanity made that right?
Maz: Yep.
Pharrell: But this is the same species that um tries to tell women what they can and cannot do to their bodies.
Maz: Just on the Mars rover thing, did you know that it drew a massive penis and balls on Mars? Did you see that photo? I’m being deadly serious.
Dan: This is why I work with women. This why I love work with women, this is great.
Maz: I’m being deadly seriously; it was like the funniest picture, ever.
Pharrell: Here we go again making our masculine mark.
Dan: That bloody  (Didn’t catch what Dan said, sorry)
Pharrell: But if you think about it though, no seriously though, these are the things that need to change. For me I think about, you know, little imaginative moments where you say to yourself, well wow what would a life be like if, you know the late night talk shows hosts were mostly women?
Maz: Yeah bring that on, because I want my own show.
Pharrell: Right? That would be different?
Maz: That would be sweet.
Dan: Maybe primetime Maz, maybe primetime would be preferable
Pharrell: Right?
Pharrell: Or you think about a world where 75% of the world leaders, prime ministers and presidents were chicks.
Maz: Chicks, all chicks.
Pharrell: Like, how crazy would that be?
Maz: It would be amazing.
Pharrell: Right? Well I think it’s going to happen, I just wanna be on the right side of history when it happens.
Maz: You are a very smart man. You are very, very smart.
Pharrell: No seriously, in all do seriousness that’s why I called my new album girl, in all capital letters because I knew it look different, I knew it would look weird and I put two spaces in between each two characters and that word would look textually look very different and cause you to ask the question why?
Maz: Why?
Pharrell: And while that sound like a very heavy subject, the album, just like the song ‘Happy’ is not preachy in fact is all grooves.
Maz: It’s cool; it’s a really cool album.
Pharrell: And should you, should you go looking there is some medicine in there. That’s how I did it.
I think it's nice to see, particularly a well known male artist, create an album for essentially women and also addressing much needed attention to issues of inequality and injusticeness.

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