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In my native town Chennai, people begging for money tend to be women most of the time and more often than not, they are clutching a child. This could suggest two things; a higher proportion of people living in poverty are women and that in developing countries fertility rates are higher. Sadly, both are true. I researched into the latter more as it comes as a surprise to me. According to an article on: ""; India, Somalia and San have high positive birth rates even though the latter two find it difficult to supply ample food and water resources. Global superpowers like Japan, France andand Russia have negative birth rates. So what is the root of the is problem? A lack of education.

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Studies show that women with a steadfast education usually have less children; are wealthier and more resistant to extreme fundamentalism. I feel that the situation being discussed is like a cycle of events starting with a lack of education and resulting in poverty. However, I do not be live that education alone will solve this problem.

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