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Pepper Spray Registration Improvement

I am a female grad student in my early twenties that just recently moved to the city. Unfortunately, most of my classes run very late at night, and I end up walking home alone in the dark every night. Even more unfortunately, is that I have had a reoccurring problem of a stalker following me from the train stop at school to my train stop at home. To make problems even worse, after the first time I noticed I was being followed, I went to the police station and was informed there was nothing they could do unless I knew the person. That may seem to make sense, however, if I knew the person, I don't think I would feel anywhere near as threatened. I was told to register for pepper spray, when I tried this, I found it would take several months.

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After being told I could not be helped unless I knew my stalker, I was also informed that I could not get an appointment to hand in my application for another 5 months! This seemed ridiculous to me since I was not receiving any help or any reassurance to help me feel safer at night on my walk home. There must be an easier and much quicker way to get woman their pepper spray license, especially if they've come across similar circumstances like mine.


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I was unaware that you had to have a license to carry pepper stray. And it is unfortunate, that the system is making it difficult for you to to adequately protect yourself. The police department should review their license procedure and make it more accessible for individuals to protect yourself. Did they provide you any alternatives or suggestions for what you should do for that 5 months range?

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