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'People watching' instead of 'neighborhood watch' initiatives- making community-driven safety awareness comfortable and inviting.

Utilizing the casual hobby of 'people watching' as an opportunity to build community and promote positive, 'safe areas' around local establishments.

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When walking home alone, I often wish I had the comfort of having more people on the streets hanging out, chit-chatting, and generally aware of whats going on in the vicinity. 

Some neighborhoods have 'Neighborhood Watch' initiatives, but it gives me the feeling of being sneaky and peering through the blinds at my neighbors instead. Why not bring this concept to non-residential areas in the form of casual and inviting atmospheres perfect for people watching? 

Its commonplace to go to a cafe, sip on coffee and look outside at passerbys. But local establishments like hairdressers, convenience stores, and mom & pop's can also create 'watering hole' areas outside their storefronts as well. With a few chairs, friendly personalities, and a great vantage point, the street suddenly seems a lot more inviting. If something happens to me and I need help, I know there is a greater chance of someone noticing.


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This is a great insight Nancy. Crimes are usually committed in secluded areas, and doing this would drastically reduce areas where there arent people. Also people watching is very relaxing and lots of people do it. few chairs, friendly personalities and a great vantage point, you put it very nicely.

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