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Pedaling Towards Financial Empowerment

In a city of 17 Million people a teenager is able to financially empower women from the slums of New Delhi. By training women to operate solar powered rickshaws, she is providing a living and a level of social mobility for women is a way that was previously unattainable. After this point she plans on establishing a program for women to begin driving taxis throughout the city. Hopefully this could become an emerging trend and gradually spread to other communities around the globe.

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The reason that this particular article is inspirational is because it shows how much is acheivable if you are truly passionate and enthusiastic about a cause.  It is amazing to see someone so young being able to impact their community with very little to begin with.  The main questions I draw from this are: how expensive would it cost to expand this operation? Could it eventually turn into a self-sustaining operation that would eventually finance further expansion for women? and could this be implemented in other cities throughout the world with similar modes of transit? and if not how to change modes so women could use this as a viable means of financial empowerment,  

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Inspirational! I also wonder if she's connected with the Azad Foundation in New Delhi as I'm sure they'd have great learnings to share on scaling: