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Pay attention to your kids and don't let innocent little things slide if they physically or emotionally hurt other people...

The other day, my eight-year old son and his friend were casually talking about an informal "club" which they have at school. Their "club" is simply a group of eight-year old kids who have lunch together and play during recess. Much to my surprise, I discovered that they have an informal challenge which hopeful members must complete prior to gaining membership.

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 My five year old wanted to join this "club."

His brother said that he could join if he told any girl in his class that he had a crush on her. His friend said that he could join if he kicked a girl in the shin.

As I was sitting within earshot, I immediately walked over to the boys and explained the following.

1. I think that your membershipo requirements are inappropriate as they will certainly hurt people.

2. How would you feel if a stranger kicked you in the leg? Would you feel hurt, or bullied? Would you think that someone was out to get you?

3. How would you feel if a classmate told you she had a crush on you only to find out later tht she was joking? Would you feel humiliated, sad, or even picked on?

My point is that even well-loved and decent kids will go astray and potentially cause harm to others  if they are not monitored and taught appropriate behavior from a very young age.


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