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NOT Just Another Story

There is a common pattern in all the events in the story in the image. The woman is NOT AWARE of her inner and physical strengths that she can put to use against any inappropriate action towards her. She is NOT AWARE of the stories of other women who have fought both physical and mental adversities. She is NOT AWARE of the support channels where she can be helped to become strong and share her stories with the world. The man is NOT AWARE of the physical and inner strengths of a woman. He is NOT AWARE of incidences where women have defended themselves. He is NOT AWARE of the laws and women’s rights that can put him behind the bars.

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Incidences happen against women/girls in different countries, in different time zones all the time. These incidences can range from eve-teasing and rape to domestic violence and pedophilia. Both, the eastern and western culture hold a fixed expectation from woman. While the eastern culture expects girls to be demure, hospitable, submissive and diligent, the western culture puts tremendous emphasis on the outer appearance of women and their conduct in public. However, both these cultures skip the “FEARLESSNESS” factor in women. 

The problem lies in the lack of awareness among both women and men. The perception of women towards themselves and also towards other women need to change. The perception of men towards women need to change. Women are no more barbie dolls.


How do we create awareness among women of the existing support groups?
How can we make a woman trust an organization where she can fearlessly share her stories?
How can the stories travel in time and space to reach out to other women and inspire them?
How can women take charge of themselves ?
How can men be educated about the physical and inner strengths of a woman?
How can men be educated about the rights of women?
How can we scale the awareness across men from different regions, cultures and societies?


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A moving visual and highly relevant provocations, Jyotsna. We're excited about the rich thinking they'll spark towards our upcoming Ideas phase...

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Thank you for your encouraging words Meena! Looking forward to the Ideas phase.