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Next Drop: Big Data, Bigger Impact

Indoor plumbing: possibly the most taken-for-granted service of the first world. In countries like India, women and children will wait hours in lines at water pumps, just to come home empty handed. The people of India may not have running water to their residences but many do have mobile phones. Next Drop utilizes the ability to contact citizens at anytime to report when water will be in their area and how readily it will be available: Now water can be collected and rationed as needed by families as opposed to waiting blindly at a pump for water that may not come. If the process of gathering water can be organized, what other wicked problems can be solved by harnessing technology and big data?

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Next Drop is revolutionary for two reasons:

1.  Water gathering in the third world can be efficient
2.  Mobile communication is more avalible and afforable than ever

The oppotunity to take advantage of wireless connections is an entirely new approach to concepting formulating design actionable solutions


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