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Never Underestimate the Power of a Girl and Her Pen

WriteGirl is a nonprofit organization that brings together professional women writers to teenage girls to encourage and inspire girls that they have the ability to have their voices heard by their uniqueness in their writing. This organization is based in different locations throughout Los Angeles in where teenage girls have access to creative writing or mentoring programs to encourage them and explore the opportunities they have within their writing skills. Though these young girls might have limited access to educational resources, this organization inspires them and prepares them to a path to attend college by being mentored by professional influential women leaders.

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At the same time they are establishing strong writing skills and preparing themselves to produces strong writing skills in where someday in the future they too can be an influential factor in the Women community.

I believe that if women and girls in low-income urban areas have access to tools in education, they will have the ability to embrace any obstacle they encounter. That is why I believe the WriteGirl organization is a model in where we can use and promote a way to empower the young teenage population that education is always powerful. Also if a person has the proper education, they will have the ability to express their writings to be heard by everyone resulting to be an influential factor in their community.  That is why we should never underestimate the power of a girl and her pen because that girl one day might bring a change to society and influence a community or even a country to change for the better.

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Great point Pedro, I too believe that education gives people the ability to feel more in powered in life. This gives people the certainty and confidence of being able to express themselves. I believe that when women are stripped from an education it may make them feel unworthy and useless. This organization is great for women because it gives them the power to write and express and as you said, it may give them a chance to change the world through their words.

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Thank you Chely, I have seen that education has changed many lives of people no matter what their past has been. Education gives people to be back up in what they express themselves because they know in what they are fighting for. Sometimes in society, women are stereotyped that they can’t do anything but from history we have seen many influential women that they are the foundation in many countries, businesses and changing society for the better. Overall, that is why I believe this organization should be a model we can use to help empower women to help them to be able to express themselves and show us that they have the power to change.

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