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Never let your guard down

I came across this interesting article about New Delhi and some women's experiences. In this article it explains that women live in fear of 'routine gropings' they suffer on public buses to far more violent assaults and some have structured their entire lives around protecting themselves and their families. Through this article is talks about how a Mother and Father moved to New Delhi to protect their daughter as she had once been out for a walk in a park when men surrounded her and began tormenting her. This experience changed her outlook on life, she didn't leave the house alone for months. The parents started implementing strategies to keep their daughter safe.

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"That was when we decided that protecting our children had to be our first priority. We've given them a good education. We cannot now tell them now not to pursue their careers because it is not safe to be out working late," The mother said.

They trained their daughter to never let her guard down. The mother and father may be moving to a different city to look out for their youngest daughter and they have ensured that they call their daughters every morning and every afternoon. If anyone would like to read this article it can be found at,  - it is confronting.


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