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My Story- Teen in Southern USA

I live in what I consider a safe environment. I live in a suburb outside a fairly large city: Fort Worth, Texas (Population about 778k). I'm 15 so the travelling in my city is fairly limited to school and back. But going downtown with friends, specifically females, can be daunting. I find myself looking over my shoulder, quickening pace, and carrying mace at age 12. This isn't because I live or travel in a particularly dangerous area, but rather because we as women have been taught to be responsible for our own safety. For women everywhere right now I feel a travel at your own risk attitude that isn't there for men particularly. I've never experienced violence or a threatening situation personally, but my community of women still fears.

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This research is important to me as a women and as a person. Safety is a human right, and anything we can do to help women thrive is in the best interest of mankind. I'm working primarily from a course at Stanford Online, International Women's Health and Human Rights with the course text From Outrage to Courage by Anne Firth Murray. The challenge in this Open Ideo for me is empathy- I don't know who I would turn to for an interview about a low income area. But I hope I can broaden my perspective and put forth a solution fit for the women who need it the most.


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Great to see you joining our conversation Brittany! Like Patrick noted, there are some clever ways to reach out to people via the networks you're a part of to help you build empathy. If that's not possible, keep in mind that we are also keen for community members to explore the topic through our other Missions, like exploring the urban environment, coming up with analogous examples that might push our thinking or even doing online research to find examples of organizations that are doing great work in this area. There are lots of ways for you to join in! Excited to see more of you in our challenge :)

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I'll definitely be exploring my environment!

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