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More safety on the streets, by car or walking for women.

A device to be installed in cars to feel more secure.

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Written by DeletedUser never know where and when it’s going to be necessary the presence of an auxiliary means for the safety of every woman.

Every day on the streets die an average of two Italian women and 284 are injured in road accidents .

The Foundation Ania, on the occasion of March 8, raises the electronic device ‘scatola rosa’.

This device for immediate rescue portects female drivers in the event of accidents, mechanical failures and attacks.

The device, with GPS system, it’s installed in the car and it’s subscribed to the emergency services.

The functioning of the ‘scatola rosa’ is simple, once installed in the car is connected 24 hours 24 with an operations center able to locate in real time the position of the vehicle and ensure an immediate first aid in case of accident, a service roadside assistance and intervention in case of aggression. The distress call is automatically ( in case of an accident of a certain severity ), or by pressing a button in the car or through a remote control that can be activated in the vicinity of the car. The operations center, after the allert, will direct your request for help with the coordinates of the position of the car, to the police, in case you need their assistance, or will require emergency mechanical or medical aid.

The ’scatola rosa’ installed on the vehicle, provides the service of collecting and processing data on the distance based on the following parameters:

• the time of ignition ( key in the ignition in the ON position );

• the kilometers traveled;

• the occurrence of any accidents with other vehicles , collisions with fixed objects , tipping over or off the road .

In addition, the system , thanks to its technological features , allows the user to also enjoy the facilities of satellite protection in case of theft of the car. In this case, the user calls the toll-free number of the Operating Room Safety to report the theft . The operators in charge will trigger the appropriate procedures to manage the recovery of the vehicle, locating it on a map and cartographic activating the Police .

Third parties cannot in any way know the path and the location of the vehicle on which is mounted the ‘scatola rosa’. All data are in fact sensitive to the meaning of privacy.

In order to participate in the project ‘scatola rosa’ you only need to have:

a) ownership of a valid driving license and heading of the related contract of insurance;

b) header of a vehicle for private use or promiscuous , or ownership of a three-year lease started not more than three months before ( excluding company cars ).


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Nice, how can this project work in other nations that are less developed to Italy,
And with poor communication system?

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Yeah that´s a good question. Maybe use it as key chain or something like that.
I think it would be great to develop it and refined

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