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Mobilize and Empower

The mobile revolution is one of the defining technological developments in the 21st century. In its most basic phone, it has the ability to connect people and share information across vast distances, transforming the lives of many people living in remote areas of developing countries. The same technology holds the potential to protect and empower women - by providing them with knowledge to protect themselves and the ability to form empowered social networks who can provide support and safety in numbers.

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Mobile Technology Specialist Malcolm Vernon is currently working as an advisor at the International Labour Organisation.  The project he is working on - "Work in Freedom", aims to prevent trafficking of women and girls from South Asia to India and Middle-east.  His role is to explore how mobile technology can be leveraged to provide education and support to women pre and post migration.  Possible application of technology include providing access to official helplines, formation of social support networks, safety and self-protection education and feedback service on work conditions.  With smart-phones getting cheaper by the day (possible to get one for USD$50 now), there is a tremendous potential to connect women and girls on a network that will provide them the information and support they need to protect themselves and also their friends, whenever they need it, wherever they need it. 


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