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Light up an Alley: the Tumnes Map Reports.

When you have a guardian looking after you, they contact you primarily using means of mobile phones/triangulation signals. Since these are scarce in low-income communities, there should be a way to pass that emergency message. In my village growing up, there are dark alleys which are good for lurkers, and trees that promote lots of hiding under leaves and tree trunks. Perhaps there should be an incandescent lamp-post in every corner - double the lighting of the alleys. This could be mapped out with all identifiable routes within each village: surveying the train-to-village pathways for all girls, and to gain a "courier" man's perspective, for lighting & guarding at town volunteer/ paid shifts.

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Consisting of three distinct phases that relay the objective for safety in the area:

1) Discovery & Understanding: where are those places (both in crime reports, and village interviews) that need the help, safety rules and guidance crimewatchers- mapping it out to mark the "red" sectors, and get a distribution of guard posts accordingly.

2) Groundwork & Execution: Painting alleys to get people to recognise the white symbol of safety - and get the gov't to clear the area where the Tumnes guardians will circulate. 

3) Infrastructure: Lamp-post administration + Manning of Bicycle Squads - on shift rotations that will be dissemnated and executed on the day itself, with the circle of confiance. Get volunteers, screen them, and the women involved in a cycle of peer-to-peer guardianship. 

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Interesting thoughts Kristin! Looking forward to hearing more on this in the upcoming Ideas phase. Make sure you post it again there too – and hoping to see more of you on OpenIDEO.