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Lessons from Project "Sweetie"

Lessons we can learn and apply from the successful program by the Dutch child - rights organisation to catch sexual predators

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"Sweetie" was a computer generated 10 year old realistic digital avatar which was created to catch peadophilic sexual predators online. Sweetie interacted with the predators in chat rooms and captured video footage of those requesting for child porn and shared it with the police - thereby saving countless other children from becoming victims. More on this project here

Are there lessons/ideas we can draw from this ? For example 
  1. Possible to catch would-be perpetrators before the actual act through decoys in areas of high risk (low-lit nooks/corners in streets)? 
  2. Perhaps get a few neighborhood men to take on the task of patrolling their streets and corners 
  3. Fake decoys of police and security guards (through cut-outs, highly visible banners/ badges, etc) which could detract potential predators?


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