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Kameeno ki kahani unki zubani - Eve Teasing

Eve teasing is a big menace in cities across India. This poster is specifically targeted at such youngsters who indulge in the indecent activity and the copy is the most striking feature which is talking to them in their own slang. The entire body copy portrays a girl who gets teased by a young man, who later discovers that the girl is his own sister, mother or aunt.

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Poster 1 - Didi (Sister)

Rapchick mausum mai,
chai ke galle pe,
ek dinkchaak item dhekhi,
maine mari jorrse citii,
zulfe failate hue,
ladki palti,
dekha toh didi.

Poster 2 - Bhabhi (Aunt)

Train ki chhuck chhuck mai,
baal sawar thi ladki, shambhal rahi thi sari,
maine ki shannpatti,
bajj gayi train ki gaantti,
aur woh paltti,
bhaago re bhaago,
yeh toh hai bhabhi.

Poster 3 - Maa (Mother)

Raat ke nau baajhe, nahi saade nau baajhe
chabaa raha tha bidi pan,
utne mai guzari ek fattaka,
picchu se dekha toh,
kya maal thi yaar,
paltti toh dekhaa ..
maa hai yaar.



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Great share, Preeti! Do you have time to add some English translations to your post? (You can update your post by hitting the Update Entry button up there on the right)

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Hello Meena,

Thank you for appreciating. I cannot translate these stories as they will loose its value and its difficult to translate those words in English.
Inspiration for these posters came from the thought that the girl whom you are teasing can be sister, aunt or mother of someone else, but the fact is we are least concerned about when the problem is about others. Instead of targeting others sister, aunt or mother, the guy is surprised, shocked & ashamed when he released that the girl whom he was teasing was his own sister, aunt or mother.