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Interchanged gender roles

As James McBennett‘s contribution showed, this is obviously not just a women‘s issue. I totally agree that men have to stand up too to make a real change. Watching the video and reading his post, reminded me of the video »Oppressed majority«, which I recently watched. It is a short film about a society ruled by women. It shows a man in a "typical" women‘s role – and the women acting like men (all very stereotypical). It‘s interesting because Pourriat simply interchanged the roles of men and women and thereby shows in a very unsettling way what is wrong with our society. What alarmed me most was how much we (men and women) tend to accept (like »You provoked that by wearing that short skirt«). And this film reminds us of that.

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This film inspired me to find out how women see their own role in society. I think, when it comes to safety issues it might be very interesting to find out how women see themselves and their behavior in public. Self-perception affects how others see you and maybe treat you.


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