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Initiate community cognisance with community wide programs

Programs like 'Safety House' would engage the community in improving the local tenor. Areas that needed more change could utilise a patrol of PSO's to aid the change in local disposition.

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Understand areas and situations that disempower women so they can be managed, similar to the 'Safety House' program where locals and local businesses would volunteer to be a refuge for (the program was aimed at children and the elderly) people whom were distressed/felt unsafe. These locations were identifiable by signage placed on letterboxes, front gates and shop windows. The individual was able to talk to someone who was coached in what action to take.

With perceiving where unsavoury activity occurs, sugested in Earl Co's controbution 'Safe Walk app' business in that area can facilitate an improved enviroment, increasing footfall to that area and helping their business. Residents could also utilise that by changing the stigma associated with their locality and improve general house prices.

Safty House program, short experp from a childrens safety notice.

PSO (Public safety oficer), brief TV add explaing their role in safty on pulictransport and train station.

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Really love the notion of leveraging business premises as safe havens – and the signage to clarify their role is great. I can really imagine this being built out further during our Ideas phase with low-income neighbourhoods like in India and Nepal in mind. Where is this program currently taking place? And links we could check out to learn more?

And I'm not sure what PSO's are –perhaps others here might be in the dark too? You can update your post to add an explanation by hitting the Update Entry button on the right of your post.

Looking forward to seeing more of you on OpenIDEO.

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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Safety House program is a scheme run across Australia, to make both parents and primary school aged students feel comfortable walking home from school..and make the community around schools both safer and aware of some of the insidious things that could happen.

Several years ago there were violent attacks on new Indian migrants mainly in train stations and open air shopping malls. In a response there are now police officers, PSO's (public safety officers) on train platforms till the very last train, ensuring individuals feel safe late at night when there are few people at the station.

I'll definitely add links to further information about these measures that have been implemented to aid public safety.

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Great stuff. Tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Update Entry button up there on the right, then follow the instructions here: