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Inclusiveness and diversity are good for business

Although the Municipal Equality Index 2013 focusses on LBGT-inclusive city planning, the lessons are relevant for any city wishing to take equality seriously. Beyond just the issue of equality, the publication goes on to report that equality is also good for business. Cities are in constant competition for residents, business and employees; inclusiveness is an important factor that attracts all three.

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Municipal Equality Index 2013

The Fortune 500 have long recognized that top talent is attracted to inclusiveness and have been using their inclusiveness as a recruiting tool. Fair workplaces are known to enhance an employer's reputation, increase job satisfaction, and boost employee morale. 

Cities are subject to the same incentives. As talent moves to urban areas, they will look to cities that institute municipal protections for all of its citizens and provide a safe, diverse and tolerant social environment in which to relocate. Likewise, as businesses evaluate new areas for expansion they will look to take advantage of dense clusters of talent.

The creative class clusters in cities that have ecosystems that inspire and stimulate collaboration and where they are not bound by the social categories of race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation that we as a society have imposed on ourselves. Creativity requires diversity, and prosperous cities gain economic strength from celebrating and cultivating diversity.

So, in approaching this challenge, let's think about ways we can encourage cities to take steps to make laws and policies more inclusive.  Let's start conversations with city council representatives, your neighbors, and your friends and impress upon them the opportunities for your city. In working with city leadership, those opportunities can turn into realities.


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Thank you for sharing this. I also feel that asking what solutions make safe cities and neighborhoods safe might lead to interesting insights that might apply to unsafe cities, for both men and women. I have also come across research that cities that are seen as diverse are also seen as more safe.

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Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's coming at it from a different angle but one that I believe will contribute to the development of safer cities for not only women and girls, but for everyone.

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