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Illuminate & Walk

Where I live there is a simple negative cycle that represses security: streets are dark and lonely so people don't want to walk on the streets and this causes streets to be lonelier which in turn discourages more people from walking on them.

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Although it sounds simple I have noticed this is a very big issue in my community. I live in a large city in Mexico and I walk to my university everyday. My appartment is 7 minutes away from school. However, when it gets dark I have to options: either calling a cab or walking fast to my house. A lot of times I call a cab, it is actually very common even though my house is very very close. But when the later happens, I walk with fear and a feeling of insecurity. The streets are kind of dark so I keep changing sides to find light because people with bad intentions tend to hide in the dark. 
Even though I am afraid of doing this I feel a little proud of this action because I believe that if one more person walks in the street it will be less lonely and it may encourage another person to say "look its not that bad I'll walk too" and then we'll be two persons and then a third one may join and that way a culture of trust, liberty, and security may begin to appear. We need physical light and we need, as persons, to be some sort of light too.


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Awesome to have you joining us on this challenge from Mexico, Mariana – and especially with this fab illustration and reflections. When I start to think about how this might be implemented... my mind turns to some of the great initiatives out there which stimulate local economies like or D.Light. Could be great to think about how this kind of thing could be combined with improved street lighting as we approach our upcoming Ideas phase? Makes me wonder about community financing – and what could incentive and motivate that. You've sparked great conversations with your post!

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Thank you it is really interesting. I agree, I believe that the implementation of light should be supported with other acctions in order to really create an improvement in security. It would be great if different people in the community participate because that way they feel part of the change and become more engaged and aware of the situation.

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