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Identify with the young female protagonist

Films have given the voice to a vulnerable category of people in the society by portraying love, courage and independence. By using young girls in various movies as the protagonists, two outputs could be achieved. 1. Personification: young girls could be enpowered through active engagement by instilling belief in themselves 2. Societal support: a community could be built through passive engagement as people share ideas and message with one another. Good films communicate strong messages.

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Protagionist brings out strong topics that could be raised for the challenge.

Key learnings:
- Films can attract and reach out to masses if there is a right medium
- It could address the direct and indirect auidence. 
- A powerful story could generate strong messages and course of action
- Strong emotional connections could be unravelled from within.

Questions raised: 
- Treating it with a more positive light, what ways could we instill self-belief to a vulnerable class of people ie. women and girls?


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In this day and age, movies are crucial in shaping our perception of the world. One great thing about Miyazaki's movies is his use of a female heroine. (Princess Mononoke, Nausica, Castle in the sky, etc.) It be a great medium to change perceptions and even behaviors.

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