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How low-income female work in China

Although China is considered as the most successful economy, many people still live in poverty. I will help research on how poor women make their living in a poor village in Guangzhou urban area (strange but true). Thus give us more information on how to improve their status.

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My grandma lives in a village inside the urban area of Guangzhou, China. Many of her neighbours are very poor and have to live on making some small artifacts and clothes. When I was in senior school I was deeply touched by their poor way of living and wanted to change this. They work all day long, making colourful small balls strings which are used in decorating clothes. But they just gain around 250 dollars by doing this for a month(living in a big city like Guangzhou is as expensive as living in Miami). With little income they can hardly get something more, some are even forced to prostitute. Also they are not well-educated, thus it's really hard for them to learn more skills to empower themselves.

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