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How are girls treated during a festival

This video is taken on the event of "HOLI", an Indian festival, which is celebrated by spraying colors on each other. This visuals show how people celebrate HOLI and how they create inconvenience for ladies who pass on the way

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Where is the world going with this kind of a behavior? We have to answer this question because of the acts done by people. This sends a serious message to all the parents, who brought up their children this way. In India, a typical tradition, where children were brought up by parents, untill they find a job for themselves. So, its the duty of every mother and father to teach their kids how to treat women. It could be a festival day, but no one has got any authority to spray water on other's dresses and bodies and insult them. This is ridiculous, especially the kids behavior in the video shows how the community is, they don't have a safe corner for women. These ladies are going for work, or returning from night shifts. They are tired at the end, and this behavior pisses them off. 

We should stand together and educate children and boys from a small age. Teachers play a vital role in this program, in educating about the roles of women and importance to respect them etc. These are very small activities that would bring a big change in the society, and take the human community ahead. 

Some one has asked a sensible question, will you do the same to your mother or sister? 

The moral is very simple, people are mistreating women. Either they have no knowledge of what they are doing, or they do not care about the consequences. Whatever the reasons are, the ideaology has to change and we should recover the harmony.


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