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Have you ever been harassed? Part 2

Last week, I asked people on the internet about whether they've ever been verbally harassed on the street or not. Yesterday, I went out to the street and asked the same question to random people.

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     When I asked this to friends and friends of friends on the internet, it was kind of easy.  Most people answered and I think I got some good results.  Almost all of the people I asked before live in Turkey, so this time I wanted to learn about the situation in New York.  That's why I went to 2 different locations in NYC: Columbus Circle in Manhattan and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  I chose these 2 locations because they represent 2 very different parts of the same city.  What I did was I asked 30 random people (focusing on women but also including men) at each location.  The results were interesting.
     First of all, nearly 35 - 40% of the people left after I asked whether they've ever been verbally assaulted or not or just ignored me from the beginning.  I think the reason was that even if they were harassed, they didn't want to share it with a total stranger so it's probably easier to do this online.  Anyway I live closer to Atlantic Avenue, so I went there first and I started asking.  First I introduced myself and told them what I was doing, and then I asked them the question.  In Atlantic Ave., I asked 17 women and 13 men.  11 out of these 17 women said yes, 1 said no and the other 5 chose not to answer.  2 of the men said yes, 3 said no and the other 8 chose not to answer.
     Then I took the train and went to Columbus Circle, which is a wealthier part of town.  I did the exact same thing over there too.  It was harder to get results at Columbus Circle because everybody was just ignoring me so it took a lot longer.  This time I asked 20 women and 10 men.  13 women said yes, 2 said no and 5 chose not to answer.  1 men said yes, 4 said no and 5 chose not to answer.
     So from what I've learned, almost half of the people (usually women) have been verbally assaulted on the street.  I think more than half of those who chose not to answer were also verbally assaulted (or maybe even worse).  So my conclusion is, it doesn't matter where you are, because these verbal assaults and harrassments happen all over the world, and  most of the time, the victim is a woman.


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