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Growing Up in Low Income Housing

I grew up in a low income urban area and have 4 sisters that are still there. I have thought a lot about my families safety and how they can be more safe.

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I am someone who can benefit from this challenge. I grew up in a low income urban area and I have 4 younger sisters that still live in that setting. I personally think that I have learned many things from growing up in a low income are that I can share to make this challenge easier. My first main point is that even in unsafe neighborhoods it is impossible to keep women from going out into the dangerous world. When girls are young they like to go outside and play or enjoy themselves and even though it may be dangerous it is something that will happen no matter what. Children need to go outside and explore parks and enjoy the people that live around them. I think that it is important to have safer environments for children to play and have a good time. I think that by have designated "safe" parks this could help young women grow. Making parks in low income areas safe may be very difficult but it is important. I think that this can be done by having security officers, volunteers, or police watch over certain areas to make sure that they stay safe. As women grow they need to go to work, school, and other places. Most of the time city buses are the only was people can get around. I think it would be a great to think about new ways to make bus stops safer either with technology or help of other people. Finally I think that technology can be used to help make women feel safer. There can be cell phone applications or other techonology that can be used to have some sort of police line or help just a push button away. For example, when a women is walking home from the bus station alone she could use an application on her phone to alert police that she is walking home and if she pushes a button she is in danger and needs assistance immediatly. There are many other ways things can become safer but I wanted to write this to spark ideas in all of us to try and help this issue.


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I like your idea of having safe environments for children to play. In a low income, urban environment, I think the only way to make that possible would be to utilize volunteers and routine police monitoring. The volunteers could be parents or community partners trained to recognize danger factors.

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