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Google and Uber for Women

Google recently acquired Uber for $258 million. Uber is a transportation start-up based in San Francisco that offers services via nicer-than-taxicab service. Uber, which is a mobile app on iPhone and Android phones, should have an option for women to opt-for women-only drivers. This option would especially benefit the local area in San Francisco. The premise is to provide safe public transportation for women, within a click of a button on a mobile device. With the vast availability of mobile phones in an urban environment such as San Francisco, this service would provide increased efficiency and safety to its citizens.

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Uber is a company based in San Francisco that started out locally and expanded globally to 27 countries. Recently, they were acquired by Google, which signifies a massive expansion and potential to serve many great social causes. Currently, they are serving and expanding to many major urban areas which is fascinating due to the implications of safety in those areas.

Uber also has ridesharing and non-taxi ridesharing; this can be expanded to opt for women only drivers and passengers for women to encourage empowerment, as well as public safety.


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I am also exploring if the most immediate way to make cities safer is to make public transport safer.

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