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Gender violence awareness week at NYU

NYU prevention/education programs regarding gender violence.

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I found this poster at the men's room at NYU campus in Brooklyn. Inmediately it called my attention. My first question while looking at it was: is this poster at women's rooms as well? I checked with some female classmates and they confirmed it wasn't. Interesting!!
Then my second question came up: why on men bathrooms only? what was the intention?
Regardless of an answer each one of us might come up, what is important is this poster's messages:
I checked the NYU prevention/education website to read more about the program and what initiatives they are taking to protect/prevent students, professors and staff, and I found they are focussed on these topics:
a) men as survivors
b) protect yourself against sexual assaults
c) tips to reduce the risk of sexual assaulting someone
d) safety in the city

In case anyone is interested in reading more about this, I leave you the website:


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Thanks for sharing this Rafael. It's really interesting that this poster can be only found at the men's room...

Photo of Rafael Carabano

yes it was, we need to find out how effective this campaign was on campus