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Gender awareness for the future generations

Making urban areas safer for women and girls is not just a problem, but is also a problem for the future generations as well. The results of the GEMS had shown promise in improving the gender roles for women. The fear of violence and lack of safety for women and girls is dreadful fate for women forced to befall these conditions. The program consists of extra-curricular activities, role playing and interactive group sessions to help portray the female gender roles positively to future generations. The targeted age group of this school program was originally for adolescents aged between 12-14 years, however targeting the program towards younger age groups could be beneficial towards strengthening relationships between gender equality.

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The shared initiative of Committee of Resource Organisations for Literacy (CORO) and Tata Institute for Social Sciences (TISS) for the creation of program - Gender Equity Movement in schools - aimed to teach adolescents of either gender of violence and social norms. This has inspired to continue educational program to others countries around the world with similar issues. Although, it does raise the question as to how to sustain a program in high density urban low income environment?


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