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Gandhi's Swaraj ( Self-rule )

Swaraj lays stress on governance not by a hierarchical government, but self governance through individuals and community building. It means self-rule, making every individual of society capable of governing themselves.

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What did Gandhi mean by Swaraj
Swaraj is an inward and introspective process of first establishing rule over the self, over one’s passions, and on that basis engaging with public life.
True swaraj is the individual journey of tapping higher faculties and the collective cultural process of nurturing values which enhance creative freedom for all – notably cooperation, mutual aid and respect for the dignity of all.
This is the ideal of Swaraj that Gandhi worked for. He laid down the groundwork for the formation of such a society but his life was cut short before he could achieve it. 

How is this relevant to this challenge? 
I feel that we are dealing with very complex systems. To change the outcomes we need to change the causes. The roots that give rise to this crisis and all the symptoms we have explored through the research phase. The roots is where the solution is, human behavior. Creating an environment that encourages ideas like Swaraj. Gandhi did that during the Indian freedom struggle, he made 400 million people non-violent. 

So my question to this community is, how might we propogate the idea of  Swaraj through the community, and more specifically for this challenge? 

I belive we can take a lot from the works of people like Gandhi, who built cultures based on moral values. 


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Hey Aditya,

You stood out as a top community member during our Women's Safety Challenge last year and we wanted to see if you would be interested in sharing some of your work in the Ideas phase of our current Financial Empowerment challenge (

We loved your post about Gandhi's Swaraj. It seems like it could fit nicely into our Financial Empowerment Challenge, especially if you think about how self-governance through individuals and community building could act as a path to financial education.

There are just two weeks left in the Ideas phase ( of this challenge and we would love to see this idea posted – we think it could spark some great conversation and lead to some awesome prototyping.

Hope to see you there!